Cautious growth in the Danish economy

The Danish economy is improving. The improvement is most evident in the labour market, where private sector employment has grown by nearly 30,000 persons since the middle of 2013. At the same time, unemployment has fallen. For the coming years, growth and employment are projected to increase. 

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About the Ministry

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior is responsible for monitoring the Danish and international economy and for publication of the Economic Survey, which contains the Government’s official forecast for the Danish Economy.

The Ministry represents Danish interests in the international economic policy cooperation; among these are EU, OECD, IMF and Nordic Council.

The responsibility of monitoring the economy in municipalities and regions also belong under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior. The Ministry also functions as the supreme election authority and controlling authority for municipalities and regions.

The Ministry carries out analyses and establishes overall policies for the modernisation of the public sector. The work includes tasks within quality and control, good governance, simplification of rules, cutting down on bureaucracy and digitalisation.

The Minister

Morten Østergaard is Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior. He was first elected for the Danish Parliament in 2007. He has held the post of Minister for Taxation in 2014 and Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education 2011-2014. Morten Østergaard is political leader of the Danish Social Liberal Party.

Morten Østergaard was born June 17th 1976 and holds a Master of Political Science from the University of Aarhus in 2006. He is married an has two children.


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